New Technologies

Impossible Bodies 4 Apr 2024

Artist Sian Fan considers the expansiveness of the digital body and how it transcends the limits of the human.

Sian Fan
 Digital,  Dance & movement,  Performance

enorê 6 Mar 2024

Delve into the artist's practice spanning ceramics, digital media, 3D modelling and textiles

 Digital,  Ceramics,  Moving image

The Power of Cute 22 Jan 2024

A video essay unpacking the lure and sinister nature of cuteness.

Sonya Dyer discusses the role of science fiction and speculative worlds in her practice.

Revital & Tuur unpack the unique writing and filmmaking process that fuelled their latest commission.

May The Fox Take You

  • Revital Cohen & Tuur Van Balen

A moving image work reflecting on loss, language and AI.

Rashaad Newsome shares the futuristic and fantastical ways they celebrate the power of movement and gesture in their work.