Morphogenic Angels

Warning: Flashing images

1000 years from now, what will humans look like? How far will technology and science have changed the human body? In this computer-generated film, tech-forward artist collective Keiken use game engines to probe post-human possibilities and imagine a future world that is very different to our current reality. Morphogenic Angels stems from Keiken’s new prototype role-playing game, where augmented humans - now called Angels - battle the elements and fall in love with post-human capabilities.

Commissioned by Somerset House with support from UK Government’s Culture Recovery Fund through Arts Council England.


The film is the latest expression of Keiken’s artistic quest to explore technology’s impact on consciousness through gaming, filmmaking, installation, extended reality (XR), performance and more.


Follow Angels Yaxu and Anamt’u’ul as they try to make sense of a rapidly evolving world through post-human eyes and bodies. This inventive computer-generated film from Keiken portrays a future where technology and humans are nearly one and the same, evoking the metaverse and RPG games like Fortnite to digitally carve a snowy, Mars-like cyber world from the innovative digital tools of gaming. Morphogenic Angels is both an existential odyssey and romantic awakening bound to trigger an emotional response.

Francesca Gavin sits down with the Keiken Collective to unpack the big questions around Morphogenic Angels

"How do you think beyond the human?"

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About Keiken

Tanya Cruz, Hana Omori and Isabel Ramos formed Keiken - an award-winning collaborative artist collective - in 2015, and are increasingly gaining serious international attention. Their name comes from the Japanese word for experience, something that is fundamental for their narrative-led games, installations, animations and sculptural works.

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    Programming, Game Design & Technical Direction:

    Limbo Tech

    Visual Effects, Concepts & Game Design:

    Mati Bratkowski

    Music and Sound Design:


    Futuristic Crystals, Angel Creature & Castle Environment Creation & Design:

    00 Zhang

    Motion Capture Movement:

    Sophie Mars

    Voice Actor - Yaxu:

    Tanya Cruz

    Voice Actor - Anamt’u’ul:

    Claire O’Leary

    Voice Actor - Yaxu Guide:

    Helen Cruz Gilmour

    Voice Actor - Narrator:

    Elvera Avery

    Additional Visual Effects:

    Clifford Sage

    'Film of the demo of the Morphogenic Angels game', 2023. The development of Morphogenic Angels has been supported by Somerset House through the DCMS and Arts Council through the Culture Recovery Fund.


  • Commissioned with support from UK Government’s Culture Recovery Fund through Arts Council England