Revital Cohen & Tuur Van Balen

May The Fox Take You

Photosensitive warning

A film bringing together opposing notions – love and heartbreak, security and danger, pogo dance tutorials and military robot dogs. Through five interweaving vignettes, the work summons the energy of life against a haunting sense of harm which lies underneath.

Commissioned by Somerset House in collaboration with UAL Creative Computing Institute.


A song of loss and transformation


May The Fox Take You is guided by a text assembled from idioms, curses and blessings loosely translated from a language that is almost extinct. The moving image work travels through a field of mustard, within the cavities and digestive fluids of carnivorous plants, to a moth that looks like twin snakes nodding in the wind. A robot dog is being kicked, a dancer is rehearsing a choreography taken from a pogo dance tutorial. The soundscape is composed of recorded drum beats which are electronically rearranged, overlaid with strings formed by machine learning models. 

As filmmakers, Cohen and Van Balen work through intuition, creating a narrative-free work-of-art. The film follows seemingly unrelated scenes, cut with dissonant text and a unique energy: one that the imagery and texts contradicts itself as it confronts that mourning with violence. The confrontation of loss lingers throughout, something that has become universal in this post-pandemic life, as the residue of the collective trauma felt by loss of time, climate grief and anxiety persists.

For Resistance is My Nature

Caitlin Quinlan unpacks the tensions in Revital & Tuur’s moving image work: life and death, loss and heartbreak, as well as the systemic violence of industrial and political processes.

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Hear from the Artists

Revital & Tuur unpack the unique writing and filmmaking process that fuelled their latest commission.

Revital Cohen & Tuur Van Balen

The London-based artist duo work across objects, installation and film. They were the recipients of the CCI x SHS Experimental Technology Fellowship 2023, offering a unique development and commission opportunity for an artist looking to incorporate new technology within their work.

Artist Profile


    Shot, Directed & Edited:

    Revital Cohen & Tuur Van Balen

    Studio Producer:

    Alex Paveley


    Lewis Walker


    Alex Paveley

    Sound Mixing:

    Harry Murdoch

    With special thanks:

    Sebastian Buerkner, Sophie Hunter, Tommie Introna, Louise Jesi, Laurent John, Murad Khan, Harry Leek, MTC Liverpool, Thomas Reynolds, Matt Soper, Eva Verhoeven, Daniel Watson.