Sin Wai Kin

The Story Cycle

Warning: flashing images

The Story Cycle was Channel's first commission. Filmed entirely in Somerset House, the building serves as a metaphor for the body where cycles of listening, embodying and telling construct our idea of human nature.

This film has now been archived but you can learn more about the artwork and Sin Wai Kin's practice in the editorial and recorded In Conversation below.

Commissioned by Somerset House with support from UK Government’s Culture Recovery Fund through Arts Council England.


The Story Cycle follows two clowns as they search for their place in unfolding narratives set in strange infrastructures, told by an unreliable storyteller.

About Sin Wai Kin

From queer club culture dynamo to Turner Prize nominee, Sin Wai Kin turns drag performance and traditional Chinese theatre into sublime art.

Artist Profile

No Face is Your Real Face

A letter to Sin Wai Kin by Imani Mason Jordan

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    Talent / Director:

    Sin Wai Kin

    Director of Photography:

    Rob Akin

    Lead Producer:

    Leonara Manyangadze

    Camera Assistant:

    Pablo Garrido Carreras


    (FARO) Andrés Bravo, Cecilia Gonzalez, Rena Iizawa

    Production Assistant:

    Huw Thomas

    Production Assistant:

    Laurent John

    Production Assistant:

    Emma Hannon


    Harry Witham (Fancy Boy)

    Costume Assistant:

    Mia Maxwell

    Sound Recordist:

    Leon Radschinski-Gorman

    Set Design:

    Lucy Sanderson

    Set Design Assistant:

    Mateusz Scibior

    Body Double:

    Lolo Brow

    Director, Somerset House Studios:

    Marie McPartlin

    Head of Digital:

    Eleanor Scott

Post production


    Rob Akin



    Sound Mixer:

    Leon Radschinski-Gorman


    Milo Creese


    (Black Kite Studios) Andi Chu, Jade Denne

    Digital Producer:

    Helena Geilinger

    Post Production Supervisor:

    Estela Oliva


  • Commissioned with support from UK Government’s Culture Recovery Fund through Arts Council England