Impossible Bodies 4 Apr 2024

Artist Sian Fan considers the expansiveness of the digital body and how it transcends the limits of the human.

The Power of Cute 22 Jan 2024

A video essay unpacking the lure and sinister nature of cuteness.

Rashaad Newsome shares the futuristic and fantastical ways they celebrate the power of movement and gesture in their work.

The Body

Soft Life

How can the soft body challenge social hierarchies?

The artist is joined by Tamar Clarke-Brown to unpack his latest animated video work and the narratives of Black possibility it conjures.

Flick Of The Wrist 19 Jun 2023

Rianna Jade Parker unpacks the voguing history and AI context of Newsome's new commission.

Hands Performance

  • Rashaad Newsome

Racially marginalised identities create space through voguing in a digital speculative future

Artist Onyeka Igwe reflects on the role of history and place in her film practice.

Journey with Jenkin van Zyl through his deviant practice and theatrical installations.

O Barco 8 Dec 2022

Experience the striking O Barco / The Boat installation and performance from transdisciplinary artist Grada Kilomba.