Gestures of Possibility

Rashaad Newsome shares the futuristic and fantastical ways they celebrate the power of movement and gesture in their work.

Follow the artist behind the scenes of their Somerset House Studios residency, as they unpack the moments, ideas and people they encountered that influenced their latest commission, Hands Performance. Filmed at their studio and at The Power Ball staged by Vogue Rites at Somerset House, Newsome reflects on how the limits of language guide them to find new forms of communication through their work

I'm thinking about how to create pictures that go beyond this particular moment – creating new worlds.
Rashaad Newsome



    Rashaad Newsome

    In residence at Somerset House Studios, Summer 2023.

    Directed, Filmed & Edited:

    Yvonne Zhang

    Supported by the Rothschild Foundation

Watch Hands Performance

Hands Performance

  • Rashaad Newsome

Racially marginalised identities create space through voguing in a digital speculative future