Rashaad Newsome shares the futuristic and fantastical ways they celebrate the power of movement and gesture in their work.

Hands Performance

  • Rashaad Newsome

Racially marginalised identities create space through voguing in a digital speculative future

Blistering experimental sound forged from everyday objects, Japanese folklore, and shapeshifting vocals.

SERAFINE1369 24 Feb 2023

Body-focused artist, dancer, and researcher SERAFINE1369 explores systems that shape perceptions of time.

Choreographer Malik Nashad Sharpe unpacks their process of world-building through performance.

Artist Marija Bozinovska Jones takes us on a sensory journey unpacking her expansive practice.

Sam Williams 7 Sep 2022

Wander through the organic, sun-speckled collages of artist Sam Williams.

Saul Nash 7 Sep 2022

Dressing for movement and moving bodies with Saul Nash.

The Story Cycle

  • Sin Wai Kin

Travel through a colour-drenched chimera with two questing clowns.