Impossible Bodies

Artist Sian Fan unpacks her movement practice and how digital bodies allow her to extend the limits of the human.

Follow Fan during the development and installation process of her commission for the Somerset House CUTE exhibition. We visit the artist's aerial training space and studio to discover how her movement practice informs her digital artworks. Sharing her complicated relationship with her own mixed heritage (Chinese and British), Fan reflects on cultural imposter syndrome and the objectification of Asiatic bodies in Anime and video games. Her practice hopes to offer new ideas and ways for us to coexist with technology.

I'm interested in what it means to be human in the digital age
Sian Fan


    Directed, shot & edited by:

    Yvonne Zhang

    'Glimmer' by Sian Fan featured in Somerset House's CUTE exhibition (2024), delivered in partnership with San Rio.

    Sian Fan is currently a resident at Somerset House Studios.