Sin Wai Kin

Film, Performance

Sin Wai Kin is a Turner Prize-nominated artist, based at Somerset House Studios, using speculative fiction as a vehicle for fantasy-driven moving image, performance, writing, sound and print.

Informed by drag performance, queer club culture and touching on traditional Chinese dramaturgy –including roles found in Peking and Cantonese Opera – Sin's work confronts prevailing attitudes towards gender, sexuality and identity, often lending their focus to the notion of the social body.

They are currently exhibiting in the public collections of the British Museum Prints & Drawings and The Ingram Collection of Modern British Art. Their 2021 film A Dream of Wholeness in Parts was screened at The British Film Institute’s 65th London Film Festival. They have staged a string of solo exhibitions in recent years, from It’s Always You at Hong Kong’s Blindspot Gallery in 2021 – their first solo exhibition in Asia – and Indifferent Idols at Taipei Contemporary Art Centre in 2018 to Narrative Reflections on Looking at Zagreb’s Museum of Contemporary Art in 2020. Sin recently created The Story Cycle – Channel’s first commission, which you can watch here.

Image credit: The Storyteller headshot by Sweatmother

Commissions & Artworks

The Story Cycle

  • Sin Wai Kin

Travel through a colour-drenched chimera with two questing clowns.

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