Heartbreak and Magic

Libby Heaney reveals the magical qualities of quantum computing.

Take a behind the scenes look at the development of Heaney’s new VR work, marking the end of her seven year residency at Somerset House Studios. The artwork draws on her experience of personal grief and sudden loss, exploring the non-binary and non-local qualities of quantum physics to offer alternative perspectives on how we think and feel about the self and existence. Through onsite studio visits, movement classes, and the installation process, we follow Heaney’s weaving of physical and digital processes to create this unique and evocative work.

Reality, at its most basic, is queer, is non binary, is shapeshifting and this Newtonian world we live in is kind of an illusion
Libby Heaney

About the artist


    Documentary Directed & Filmed by:

    Anna Dobos & Yvonne Zhang

    Edited by:

    Anna Dobos

    'Heartbreak and Magic' is a VR artwork by Libby Heaney, presented in G31 at Somerset House. Commissioned by VIVE Arts and presented in partnership with Somerset House.

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