Sian Fan
 Digital,  Dance & movement,  Performance

Leila Dear 6 Mar 2024

Discover the artist's research into nature’s patterns, kinship and the commonalities between art and science.

enorê 6 Mar 2024

Delve into the artist's practice spanning ceramics, digital media, 3D modelling and textiles

The Power of Cute 22 Jan 2024

A video essay unpacking the lure and sinister nature of cuteness.

Sonya Dyer discusses the role of science fiction and speculative worlds in her practice.


Soft Life

Our ways of working aren’t working. How can art offer new ways of being outside of the values of hustle culture?

Journey with Jenkin van Zyl through his deviant practice and theatrical installations.

Latent Joy 8 Sep 2022

Follow the twists and turns of a live improvisational performance.

Bumps Per Minute

  • Anna Meredith

Bumper car racing generates a unique audio-visual composition.