8 Dec 2022

O Barco

Grada Kilomba’s compelling 32-metre outdoor installation and performance O Barco / The Boat is a powerful monument to the millions of African people enslaved during the period of European maritime expansion and colonisation.

Composed of 146 charred wood pieces, and constructed to resemble the ‘hold’ of a historical slave ship, the artwork’s inner rows are inscribed in gold with a poem written by Kilomba and translated into Yoruba, English, Portuguese, Kimbundu, Arabic from Syria, and Creole from Cape Verde. The video captures moments of the live performance in the Somerset House courtyard.

Artwork Credits

    Sculptural Installation, Poem, Performance:

    Grada Kilomba

    Studio Berlin:

    Matilde Outeiro (Communication and Production), Yhesley Bezerra (Scenography)

    Musical Production:

    Kalaf Epalanga, Paul Seiji


    Moses Leo, Walter Gonçalves

    Ballet Dancers:

    David Amado, Maria Emília Ferreira


    Jair Pina, Martinica Trovoada, Mick Trovoada, Paula Barata


    Alex D’Alva Teixeira, Ana Mendes Reis, Anastácia Carvalho, Angela Igreja, Bárbara Wahnon, Dara Gomes, David Cruz, Jeremias D’Alva Teixeira, Jessica Furtado, Melitsa Duarte, Orlanda Guilande, Ola Figueiredo, Paulo Silva, Choir Direction and Management: Selma Uamusse, Liliana Pereira

Film Credits

    Cinematographer, Colourist:

    Anna Dobos


    Sarah Mace-Dennis

    Sound Mixer:

    Rory Padfield

    Digital Producer:

    Helena Geilinger

    Executive Producer:

    Estela Oliva

    Production Assistant:

    Patricia Hernandez Colin