Juan Covelli

Los Caídos (The Fallen)

Artificial intelligence and data-driven technologies are often a breeding ground and battlefield for extremist ideologies, as Colombian artist and curator Juan Covelli reminds us in his 3D animation, created with game engine technologies.

This work is part of the PATH AI commissions created by artists and researchers Nouf Aljowaysir, Juan Covelli, and Chris Zhongtian Yuan for the PATH-AI residency programme. The works reflect on the creative potential, challenges and limitations of human-AI relationships.


Inspired by the 2021 national strikes of his home country, the simulated society of Los Caídos sees a range of characters clash with government forces in battles incited by algorithmic culture. Ultimately, Los Caídos emerges as “a community in expansion, on the lookout for a new way of relating to conscious realities, driven by a love for the collective, for support and for empathy”.

About Juan Covelli

Artist and curator Juan Covelli lives and works between Bogotá and London and often incorporates 3D scanning, modelling, and printing into his creative process.

Artist Profile

Character Profiles

Learn more about the different personas in Covelli's film.

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Whose AI Is It Anyway?

Julia Kaganskiy unpacks the works whilst reflecting on the challenges posed by AI and data-driven technologies.

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    Director, Script Writer, Producer & DOP:

    Juan Covelli

    Producer & Concept Artist:

    Nicolh Avila

    Video Game Developer & 3D Modeller:

    Carlos Caballero

    Character Development & 3D Modelling:

    Dirkcark Bell, Nicolh Avila & Andres Ramirez


    Lina Peralta

    Voice Over:

    Marcia Cabrera

    Voice Over Editing & Mixing:

    Jose Manuel Cubides

    Original Music & Sound Design:

    Jaime Carvajal

    Video Editing:

    Esteban Congote


    María Natalia Paillie

Somerset House Team


    Marie McPartlin (Director of Studios), Emma Hannon (Head of Studios), Ruth Lie (Senior Creative Producer), Leonara Manyangadze (Senior Programmer), Huw Thomas (Producer), Laurent John (Somerset House Studios Programme Coordinator), Harry Leek (Studio Coordinator), Eno Inwang (Studios & Digital Administrator)


    Estela Oliva (Head of Digital), Helena Geilinger (Digital Producer), Patricia Hernandez Colin (Production Assistant), Anna Dobos (Filmmaker)


  • Supported by the Economic and Social Research Council.
  • Commissioned by Somerset House in partnership with The Alan Turing Institute and UAL Creative Computing Institute.
  • Developed in residence at Somerset House Studios

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