(Non) Normative Imaginaries and (Im)Materialities (NNIM)

Artist Natasha Trotman's latest film that seeks to subvert our understanding of standard, socio-normative perceptions.

Trotman’s project interrogates non-normative and immaterial realities through a disabled and neurodivergent lens. Part of the 2023 edition of Hyper Functional, Ultra Healthy, focused on disability justice and artists who engage with the space of health and care.

NNIM invites us to venture beyond mainstream constructs – suspending the norm and ‘ushering in’ the liminal and unfamiliar. The film ignites curiosity, discovery and delves into the immense potential that lies within us. Driven by an appetite to effect real-world change, Trotman's work provides a spark and space to consider how might we transcend our current realities and forge new paths and possibilities.

I'm focused on shattering the normed boundaries and barriers related to neurodivergence, disability, diversity access and inclusion; unlocking quantum realities and re-worlding via post-normative practice.
Natasha Trotman
Natasha Trotman, Still image (3) from (Non) Normative Imaginaries & (Im)Materialities (NNIM), 2023.

About Hyper Functional, Ultra Healthy

An annual series that considers individual and collective health and wellbeing through a programme of newly commissioned artworks, films, workshops, and conversations.

Undoing the mythology of the ‘good body’ and the histories of self-reliance perpetuated by ‘wellness’ in its contemporary configuration as a capitalist construct, Hyper Functional, Ultra Healthy seeks to explore its perceived binary opposite – ‘sickness’ – as a way to propose an inclusive framework of existence for all, whilst prioritising those whose experience of sickness is not temporary, and who encounter systemic oppression and stigmatisation around disability, chronic illness and mental health.


    Director, Digital Director & Co-producer:

    Natasha Trotman

    DOP & Editor:

    Rob Akin

    Sound Recordist:

    Leon Radschinski-Gorman

    Camera Assistant:

    Gregor Emmanuel


    Kush Kanodia

    Natasha Trotman

    Melania Pongan

    Jo Longhurst

    Jason Sedon

    Piers Roberts

    Steven Kasamba

    Anthony Woods

    (Non) Normative Imaginaries and (Im)Materialities (NNIM), 2023. Commissioned by Somerset House Studios.