Mary Sibande: I Came Apart at the Seams

Watch a conversation between Mary Sibande, one of South Africa's most prominent contemporary artists, and a group of British women working with textiles and fabrics.

Sibande took her first solo exhibition to the UK in 2020, I Came Apart at the Seams, comprising a series of photographic and sculptural works exploring the power of imagination and constructive anger in shaping identities and personal narratives in a post-colonial world. Her work challenges stereotypical depictions of Black women in post-Apartheid South Africa throughout history and today.


    Director & Producer:

    Andy Mundy-Castle


    Tom Swindell


    Mdhamiri Nkemi


    Danny Davis

    Dubbing Mixer:

    Elliot Bulley

    Sound Recordist:

    Antonio Muggianu

    Assistant Producer:

    Harriet Thomas

    Set Designer:

    Aeri Yoo

    Set Dresser:

    Emily Ioannou

    Camera Operator:

    Matthew Somerville