Jitish Kallat: Whorled (Here After Here After Here)

The courtyard installation reimagines UK road signage to connect us with locations across the planet and distant universe.

Whorled (Here After Here After Here) is the first major public commission in the UK from Mumbai-based artist Jitish Kallat. It draws on sacred geometry, the tradition of Parikrama or circumambulation in Hindu worship, knots and braids and cycles and recursions. Transforming the Somerset House courtyard into a huge walk-through installation, the vast artwork is constructed from biodegradable PVC mesh comprising two intersecting spirals and recalls the bright blue signs of UK motorways. Kallat highlights the impact of climate change by marking out locations that have experienced flooding, or are at threat from rising sea levels, while referencing the distant universe to interlace the immediate and the cosmic, the past and present.

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