Elaine Mitchener

Sound, Music

Elaine Mitchener is a contemporary vocalist, movement artist and composer working between the worlds of experimental music, improvisation, physical theatre, performance and visual art.

She has produced a number of multidisciplinary performance pieces which explore histories of colonialism, including Sweet Tooth and the then + the now = nowtime.

She founded electroacoustic trio The Rolling Calf with Jason Yarde, and Neil Charles, is a member of celebrated avant-gardist ensemble Apartment House, and has collaborated with a broad range of artists including Aphex Twin and Moor Mother. Mitchener has cultivated her own music practice as an experimental vocalist, composer and sound artist whose offerings span free improvisation, gospel, jazz, and more styles. Thematically, her work often confronts colonialism, trauma, and Black history, and in 2020 she used text, improvisation, and movement to reflect on the connection between the slave trade and the sugar industry with Sweet Tooth.

Photo: Mike Cameron

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