2 Feb 2023

Living with Ghosts

The Process: Living with Ghosts

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Gazelle Twin explores how paranormal activities and a fascination with ghosts can inspire new work

Elizabeth Bernholtz, aka Gazelle Twin, has had paranormal experiences since her early childhood. Ever since she’s been both terrified and thrilled by the occult, gripped by stories of poltergeist possession and famous hauntings. Fresh off the back of her commission for The Horror Show at Somerset House, Gazelle Twin is getting back into the writing process for her next album which explores her long held fascination with ghosts.  We join her as she considers what it would mean to take these stories seriously and to harness her fear as a creative fuel. She talks to artist Mark Leckey, also inspired by the supernatural, about how he uses samples as a form of haunting and how art can be a form of self-exorcism.  Ghost hunter Innes Smith helps unpack the hauntings she experienced in her childhood home.


    Gazelle Twin

    Mark Leckey

    Innes Smith


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