31 Jan 2024

Is Failure More Productive Than Success?

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The road to success is paved with inspirational quotes about failure. But could failure be more productive than success?

We step inside the community of designers on site at Makerversity in Somerset House to explore the role of mistakes in the design process. Founding member Tom Stables talks to biomaterial designer Cassie Quinn, who makes sustainable sequins out of household waste. She shares stories of the mistakes that ended up being transformative to her practice. He then sits down with performance artist and clown Julia Masli to talk about her latest Edinburgh show which is designed to go wrong, to learn how to fail more spectacularly.


Tom Stables
Cassie Quinn
Julia Masli


Producer - Alannah Chance
Exec Producer - Eleanor Ritter-Scott
Presenter - Tom Stables
Series presenter - Laurent John