Designing for the Real World

Makerversity members showcase what it means to invent with a social purpose.

Somerset House is home to a knowledge and skill-sharing community of over 300 members, working across various creative disciplines. Delving behind the scenes of the people, spaces and machines that form Makerversity, we learn about some of the key projects that have developed there. Spanning sustainable materials, customisable product design, ethical AI, and pollution reduction, the members' share their unifying ethos of solving problems in the present to create a better way to live in the future.

To celebrate Makerversity's tenth anniversary, Somerset House presents an exhibition showcasing the innovative projects and processes behind disruptive design. Supported by the Kusuma Trust.

Makerversity was founded with the idea that design and making are tools for social good
Paul Smyth, Director & Co-Founder of Makerversity


    Paul Smyth (Makerversity Director & Co-Founder)

    Charlotte Gilks (Makerversity General Manager)

    Jun Kamei (AMPHICO)

    Hanson Cheng (The Tyre Collective)

    Aran Dasan (SafetyNet Technologies)

    Peter Barr (Enayball)


    Directed, Filmed & Edited:

    Yvonne Zhang

    Supported by the Rothschild Foundation