Onyeka Igwe

Film, Performance

Onyeka Igwe is a London born moving image artist and researcher, based at Somerset House Studios since 2022.

Igwe's work is aimed at the question: how do we live together? Not to provide a rigid answer as such, but to pull apart the nuances of mutuality, co-existence and multiplicity. Her practice figures sensorial, spatial and counter-hegemonic ways of knowing as central to that task. The body, archives and narratives - both oral and textual – act as a mode of inquiry that makes possible the exposition of overlooked histories in her work.

Igwe is interested in the prosaic and everyday aspects of black livingness. Her works have been shown in the UK and internationally at film festivals and galleries. She was awarded the New Cinema Award at Berwick Film and Media Arts Festival 2019, 2020 Arts Foundation Fellowship Award for Experimental Film, 2021 Foundwork Artist Prize and has been nominated for the 2022 Jarman Award and Max Mara Artist Prize for Women.

'A Repertoire of Protest (No Dance, No Palaver)' (2023). © Onyeka Igwe. Courtesy of the artist.
'A So-Called Archive' (2020). Photo: Achim Kukulies. © Onyeka Igwe. Courtesy of the artist.
'there's something in the conversation that is more interesting than the finality of (a title)' (2018). Photo: Daniel Brooke. © Onyeka Igwe. Courtesy of the artist.
'Corrections' (2018). © Onyeka Igwe. Courtesy of the artist.

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